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Amanda Williams Photography

My Wedding

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I seriously can't believe I actually get to plan my own wedding. I am totally in denial! I never thought I would be able to pull together this huge event- and it's really not that big- 175 people at most. I have found my prince charming after 28 years, and he has decided to give me full reign and be the bridezilla he figured I would be. Not that I am too high maintainance, I only want the simple things in life- ya know, the ice sculptures and martini louge and sparkly shoes and really expensive favors....Well, I want those things, but I will settle for the $99 dress at Davids' on the clearance rack; the ebay veil and jewelry, and some $9 slippers from Kohl's as my shoes. The Martini louge and ice sculpture I can have; but that's only if I forfeit the wedding cake and the expensive flowers. Ok, so I am a bride on a budget. Who isn't?
I am just excited that I get to intermix all of the cool ideas that I have seen over the years at other weddings. I finally get to be the girl who has imagined the look on her moms' face as she sees her daughter officially in her dress. I giggle when I think of seeing my skinny dad in his tux. Makes me smile even as I write this.
Yes, I must skimp on the premium bar and choose the house brands. True, I must forgo the prime rib and munch on mostacholi. But really, in the end, will it compare to all the memories of other weddings I have seen being combined into my own? Will it really matter when the best part is being with my king, sharing the day with my family and friends and still thinking about how all my past clients have influenced my own special day? I think not. It will truly be the best day of my life. Thanks to all of you for your influences. You probably don't realize it, but you have made a tremendous difference in my life. Kisses to you all!

My wedding: January 19th, 2007
Ceremony: Wyandotte Presbyterian Church
Reception: Crystal Gardens, Southgate, MI
Flowers: Sam's Club, DIY
Cake: Cupcake Tree
DJ: Music Box Productions
Favors: Ovarian Cancer pins, in honor of my late sister
Dress: Davids' clearance rack
Veil: Ebay
Jewelry: Ebay
Honeymoon: Alaska Cruise