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The more wedding vendor conferences I attend, the more I am amazed at this industry of professionals.  So much so, that I feel a strong need to include its own page on my website. 
I know many of the professionals in this industry, and of course, many are other photographers.  To this day, I haven't met a photographer I didn't like or that I had negative thoughts about. And, I never will.  We, as photographers are all individualists.  We are all artists in our own way.  Never, ever will I even think that "this photographer is shabby/does shabby work" or any such things.  I love how photographers think -make that know- what we all are.  We are artists.  We have imaginations that lie within our eyes that pertrude to our hearts, thus in turn, creating love stories for our couples to cherish.
We all have our own style, personalities, pricing as well as interaction skills.  This is what I love about us- the more I meet, the more I realize what a great network photographers have- it seems we all look out for each other.
I always tell my couples- look around, meet with others; find your niche'.  Find who makes you feel comfortable and confident; someone who you feel will create the best possible- one of the only tangible items- of your day for what suits your needs.  We all are different; we all offer different perspectives on how your day should be told.
During a recent convention, I kept hearing the word "competition."  This bothered me, and always will in this industry.  I don't believe in competition- who is competing?  If a client likes someone elses work and prices better, than so be it.  I personally am a young woman looking for quality at a good deal.  When I go shopping at THE GAP or EXPRESS, I go straight to the clearance rack, and find a way to make the shirts on sale work in my wardrobe.  I personally can't remember the last time I paid full price for a piece of clothing.  As long as the cotton is thick, the zipper works and all the buttons are there and it looks great- it's perfect for me!  Especially when I can pay $12.99 instead of the $35.00 original price, how can I lose?
But I certainly never bad mouth any place that doesn't have sales for the similar items I find on those clearance racks.
One personality trait I am very proud of having is that I appreciate what every vendor has to offer.  All wedding vendors are artists- Dj's create a spectacular music scene; florists create magical floral creations; bakers make edible creations that look like they shouldn't even be eaten because they look so good; reception venues bake delicious foods and create fascinating environments; videographers tell that spoken story of your day.  As photographers, we each individually create the unspoken story- the visual story- of your wedding. 
I don't believe in a "industry standard" as some would call it pertaining to price versus quality.  I  have my own style, my own pricing.  I don't have a storefront to pay for; I have few bills to pay in general.  I am in school full-time to learn a new aspect of my life so I can have another full-time job that I love when I graduate.  I prefer not to rely solely on making three grand off a client just so I can have a car I so desperately want or a house in a afluent area.  I am happy right where I am, knowing I have an education and experience in photography, and also knowing that I am taking my education a step further.
But in turn, I see nothing wrong or rediculous with other photographers that do charge a high fee for their services, or do not have a high level of education as myself.  In the end it really doesn't matter; I just prefer to fullfill my own self appointed goals - to cross things off of my "To Do" list in life. 
I love the wedding industry, just as I love my fellow photographers.  I love seeing the art others create and what passion goes into that creation.  Simply put, we all have something to offer no matter how high the price tag- figure out what works best for you and don't second guess it.  Go with your gut, and for this one HUGE event in your life, let your heart out on your sleeve.  In the end, all of us vendors- your vendors- will take very good care of you.