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Amanda Williams Photography

My Education

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My Education

In 2000, I recieved a true "photogrqaphy" degree from one of the best photography colleges in the state.  Although experience is of uttmost importance, knowing the logistics behind the scenes is A MUST.  This kind of education CANNOT be taught through hands-on learning- nor the creative eye.  What if something goes wrong with the camera?  Will your photographer know how to adjust to this situation?  Does he or she know the technical skills besides the creative means if something goes astray?
These are key components to ponder on.  There are so many photographers in the Detroit area that are amazing at what they do.  So many that I smile at upon seeing their work.  But what I dare to ask of you is if you have researched their education in the business?  Do they have degrees?  Simply put, courses and classes just don't cut it .  The artistic ability may be there COMPLETELY, but if a situation, technically involved occurs- will they know how to handle it?  So- they may have back-up equipment to run and grab, but why waste your precious wedding day time?  Shouldn't they know how to fix the situation without having to grab a second camera? 
Having a college degree in photography says an enormous amount- and I am not talking about 10 credit hours of photography and the rest English, Science and Math.  I have over 40 credit hours in photography alone in my first degree- let alone my continuing education courses.  Experience certainly says alot, but a college diploma and experience combined equals "professional."

"It's the eye for detail that hails above all- the kind of eye like an eagle watching over the bride and groom."


"Many photographers have only 40-50 weddings per year- making us fully aware of our clients needs and personalities, unlike a party or grocery store who has customers coming in and out every day of the week."